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I always thought John McCain was a zombie …


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I’m at a conference, and parts have been good, and parts have been bad.

For instance, the “Welcome to JesusVille” laminated piece of paper that was laying on my bed. I’m actually looking rather attentive at the moment while listening to some total nerdbag talk about technical stuff, but I’m writing this blog instead. It’s 1:47 p.m. … and that’s only five minutes after I looked at the clock last time.

It’s been five months for me and Zilla though. He got me a card that was just absolutely perfect, and we spent a really relaxing “us night” on Friday to celebrate, then went and had dinner with his parents at a delicious steakhouse near his home.

(Sidenote: I’ve got one of the coveted spots near a plug-in. This very very large man (think Jabba the Hutt) keeps giving me the stink eye and then looking directly at my plugged in computer whilst his red light flashes as his battery is dying. And yeah, I’m not taking notes, so take that, Big Boy.)

The card Zilla got me is worth sharing though – and as soon as I get back, I’m going to post it. He also got me a book that I’ve really been wanting called “Ghost Girl.” And beside the book, he’s really the best boyfriend that there could ever be.

The conference is in the town where I always hung out when I was in college … things have changed. My favorite Thai place is now a Starbucks. My favorite vintage store is now a Jimmy John’s. Favorite Chinese place is still around, but was closed last night, so I’m heading there tonight for dinner.

And I miss Zilla like crazy.

This weekend, there’s a really good chance that he’ll get to meet my parents, who reacted to “the letter” exactly as I thought they would, which was very well.

Alright, back to fake listening. I only have five more minutes.

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