About Hola Gatito

Hola Gatito is Spanish for “Hello Kitty,” in case you didn’t know.

In short, this is Hola Gatito:

  • Short (like a Power Ranger. I’ll kick your ass)
  • Funny
  • Taken (in a great relationship with the wonderful, handsome and charming Zilla)
  • Is kinda enamored of Hello Kitty, hence the name. And yeah, it is *that* gay
  • Loves movies
  • Actually reads – and we’re not talking “People” magazine
  • Probably has more academic degrees than you, but uses them less
  • Laughs at himself all the time
  • Is incredibly clumsy
  • Gets wet in the drawers in a comic book store
  • Is sad that Robert Palmer is indeed dead
  • Loves his neighborhood and spends as much time walking about it as possible
  • Wonders why Amy Winehouse is not dead yet
  • Is curiouser and curiouser
  • Finds that most of life’s questions can be solved by reading “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.”
  • Is an optimistic nihlist – when I choose to care, I’m usually optimistic
  • Bleeds champagne. Really.
  • LOVES getting comments on his blog.

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