The Mean Little Kitty Song

And no, it’s not about me.


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Back back backity back

So I’ve not really been busy – can’t say that – but I’ve just not had a whole lot to write about. I promise I won’t make a habit of it, but here’s a bullet list of the goings-ons of Kitty:

  • Zilla and I got Nintendo DS’s. And damn, I’m totally addicted to Zelda. And, did you know that you can draw on a DS and then send it to someone else with a DS? First picture that got exchanged? A Kitty original of Gouty getting my cat off in a dirty sexual manner.
  • Speaking of Gouty, he’s got a new blog – and he wrote about getting the cat off, me catching him pooping, and other fun things!
  • And speaking of Zilla, which I so often do and never get tired of, I’m meeting his Momma and Stepfather this Sunday. And while I’m not one to ever really get nervous, I’m terrified. I really want to make a good impression, and I’m so afraid I’ll do something wrong. I’m too rough around the edges for parental meetings.
  • And speaking of parents again, I’ve been composing and re-composing this long letter to my Dad and Mom about me being gay and all the good stuff that goes with it. I’ve never really hid anything from them, but I’ve never really thrown it all out there either, and I’m just too old and too bold to beat around the bush.
  • Had a LOVELY dinner with Yellow Fever, Teach and Gouty. Very fun, and a shame it happens infrequently.
  • Zilla and I start Japanese on Saturday – I can’t wait to learn another language. Maybe I’ll remember this one.
  • I’ve been craving caramel like it’s going out of style. Not sure why.
  • Blood pressure problems suck. Finding the right drug for my patented brand of evil has been such a struggle, and I’m so sick of feeling miserable.
  • Zilla’s birthday came early. And seeing his face … one of my favorite moments.
  • We also built cute Halloween Build-a-Bear Cats for each other. Mine’s name is Ezmerelda – she barks and meows, and according to Zilla, has an identity crisis.
  • Tater, Zilla, Crazy/Hot and I are going to the Forest Park Balloon Race this weekend. Can’t wait. Friday night, Zilla, Professor McHottie and her partner are going to get drinks and have sushi.
  • I miss Bizkit and Tea so bad sometimes that it physically hurts. It kills me to to think of how physically far away they are.
  • My intern is a rock star. My boss is amazing.
  • And fucking Noodles, my cat, even though he’s adorable, was apparently craving chocolate mint and he ate my chocolate mint plant that my co-worker propagated for me. Bummer.

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Today is four months for me and Zilla.

I took him cupcakes last night – cuz he’s my cupcake and all.

I love that every time I think of him, I still smile from ear to ear. And that I still think he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen every time I look at him. And that just the thought of him brightens my day and makes me happy.

And he loves it when I buy him silly toys.

And  I love it when I talk in that annoying screechy voice that drives him crazy and it still makes him laugh.

And that he hearts champagne as much as I do.

And that he has the most amazing, beautiful eyes that I’ve ever seen.

And that he used to throw tennis balls at cars when he got pissed off in traffic.

And that I can tell he’s excited to see me whenever he sees me, regardless of how dumpy I look (I’m rarely dumpy looking, but he is excited to see me even when I am. C’mon, I’m a fox, ya’ll!).

And that we love watching scary movies together – and he never gets scared, and I always do.

And that he loves Disney movies, and Care Bears movies.

And makes religious jokes just like I do, no matter how poor taste they may be.

And that he makes stuffed animals talk.

And that my cats love him – more than me.

And that my friends love him, and he is crazy about them.

And that he’s always willing to try new things, no matter how unfamiliar they may be.

And ..

And ….

And …..

And the list can go on and on and on.

I’m thankful, not smug. Blessed, not boasting.

And I’m glad that I finally found the fella that is perfect for me.

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I Accidentally A Fleshlight

Okay, I absolutely love harassing customer support for any service – seriously. Calling Charter Communications, for example, is always a precise exercise in the honing of my terrorizing skills.

So while browsing Reddit today, I notice that this very clever fella had decided to harass the Fleshlight company, the maker of sex toys..

Needless to say, he totally PWNED them.

This guy is *relentless.* 

Read the whole thread here – it’s pretty funny, just make sure to read all of them. He’s fantastic.

I tip my hat to you, Mr. Accidentally – job well done.

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The New Intern

She trots in today, chipper attitude, perfect makeup … a walking stick with blonde hair and an affinity for designer clothing.

I adore her.

“Mr. Gatito,” she says, “You look amazing! Blue and brown equals very good.”

Yes, she said “equals” just like that.

I totally have a straight crush on her.

“Did you watch 90210 last night?” she says. 

“Of course. It was awesome,” retorted I.

“It was, although I am hoping it doesn’t segue into another vapid television show like “the Hills” or “The O.C.” or one of those other teenybopper shows. They’re insulting to people of my generation,” she says.

Okay, seriously. She’s PERFECT.

Then I get the “Thank You” card. She actually got me a card – it made my day. Very professional, but she had written my name with glitter on the envelope, so this was definitely a homerun on her end.

She starts working – quickly – on the projects I’ve given her, and when she finishes a two-project in less than an hour, says, “Hey, I’m not a bad photographer. I know that your office needs some new photos and I could probably help.”



Motivated. Complimentary. Professional. Adorable. Interested in what she’s doing. Incredibly intelligent. And a Southern accent to die for.

No offense to any of my other interns – two of which read this blog – but she’s the best intern ever. Yes, I’ve had other interns get my breakfast, wash my car, buy Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary presents for friends and family and sign my name to the card, and they’ve all done quite well.

But this one. She’s different. I have high hopes for her.

She’s not only interested in what I do on a daily basis, but wants a career almost exactly like the one that I’m currently working on, and is like a sponge absorbing information in any manner – and applying it quickly. I adore her. She’s delightful. I hope she stays this consistent and doesn’t flake out on me like my other interns have.

*fingers crossed*

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The New 90210

Okay, I’m not going to give a play by play.

But it was AMAZING.

I seriously almost cried with tears of merciful joy and happiness when that Angel of Mirth Shannen Doherty showed up on the screen. So quickly she was gone, with more longing for her return.

That said … even Doherty-less … the show was actually *really* good with good characters and pretty good plotlines so far!

And how cool is it that the character Silver is David and Kelly’s little sister from the old 90210 all grown up now?!?!

Here’s hoping for more bitch slapping.

And if Brenda happens to slap Kelly again like old times … well, all the better.

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Chicago Summary

Friday, as seen below, was crunk. We discovered even more delightful vintage clothing places in Wicker Park and also an awesome diner – The Blueline – that served $3 sangria and jello shots. Friday was indeed crunk.

Saturday more shopping – this time in Lakeview and on Michigan Avenue. Filene’s Basement = perfect.

Sunday – Ann Sather’s – Tater’s first trip there. Also, a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry that included a descent into a coal mine – it was super.

Monday – lunch at Giordano’s, and the sadness that ensued from leaving Biskit and Tea and knowing that I’ll not see them for 2 more months. Also, not snuggling with Zilla for the fifth night in a row.

Relaxed? Yes. Revived? Not so much 😉

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